How can we remotely use our research and storytelling skills to capture insights during the Covid-19 lockdown?

In the first week of widespread global lockdown we decided to create a documentary series exploring the social impact of COVID-19 on Britain.

The resulting series, The Corona Diaries, was chosen for inclusion in the BFI’s Britain in Lockdown series of the best online videos made during the pandemic.

In The Corona Diaries we brought to life a diverse range of experiences, giving voice to people in different situations to tell their stories. In making the series we have seen marked shifts in attitudes, behaviours, values and priorities, and we anticipate this will continue as people adjust to their changing social realities.

You can watch the full series on our YouTube, or just hit play below for the first episode (the last episode is our absolute favourite).

"A thoughtful series put together by creative strategy company The Good Side, its broader age demographic facilitating adult subjects including local businesses, financial hardships and the government’s handling of the crisis." BFI Lockdown Archive